$199 Shimano Folding Bicycle that comes with basket, front LED light and lock

Tested in Japan with JIS standard mark

By GDS Editorial Team on September 8, 2015 at 1:02 pm


Looking for a good quality foldable bike? This well-featured Shimano Folding Bicycle comes with a front basket, shock absorbers to keep your ride smooth and comfortable, LED front lighting for night riding and an easy-to-use wire lock.

It also uses a Shimano 6-level gear shift and an American air caps for the tyres that supposedly meets international standards. The Shimano Folding Bicycle is available in two colours Navy and White on Groupon at an introductory price of S$199 with free shipping included.

Almost hundred already sold at the time of our writing, limited time and quantity remaining.

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Source: GreatDeals

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