Cat & the Fiddle launch their first-ever Snowskin Mooncakes as Mid-Autumn Festival nears

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon-cake (assorted flavours) by Cat & the Fiddle

Widely known for the creamy cheesecakes and innovative flavours, Cat & the Fiddle has just launched their new mooncake series inspired from their cheesecake creations.

For the first time ever, choose from The Cow Jumped Over the Moon-cake in assorted flavours or The King of the Moon for fans of the durian fruit.

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon-cake (above) comprises of 4 different snowskin mooncake flavours – Blueberry, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate cream cheese.

The King of the Moon (MSW cheese-mooncakes) by Cat & the Fiddle

Reinterpreted from their all-time best-selling cheesecake, The King of the Moon features real Mao Shan Wang pulp surrounding tangy cream cheese in a white chocolate shell wrapped in charcoal snowskin.

Customers can pre-order these mooncakes from Cat & the Fiddle website now.

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