Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand-Up Paddle Board literally lets you walk on water

Bet you want one now

By GDS Editorial Team on June 21, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Imagine yourself walking along the east/west coast waters or cruising the waterways and around Coney Island in Punggol, wouldn’t that be cool. Yes walking, not a typo. Not anymore with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

The latest product from Hobie is a basically a combination of a surfboard, Stairmaster and a bicycle handlebar. As absurd as all that sound, Hobie did manage to reinvent the classic surfboard and kayak into a stand-up mini surf-boat powered by your own pedalling, and one that steers by squeezing the levers on the handlebar which in turn controls the rudder underneath the surfboard.

Like most, we were sceptical until we saw people recording videos of themselves having fun on YouTube here and here.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse might be the easiest way to get yourself exploring the waters like you are walking on it, but you might find yourself walking away from it with a hefty price tag starting from US$2,499.

Let’s just hope we can rent it when it comes to Singapore. Hoooked! is the exclusive dealer for Hobie kayaking products here.

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Hobie-walk on water like a boss!

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