McDonald’s introduces new Eggcellent McSpicy Burger because the Nasi Lemak one sold out

McD’s new Eggcellent McSpicy, Vanilla Cone, Criss Cut Fries & Dinosaur McFlurry

In case you were wondering why the Nasi Lemak Burger isn’t on McDonald’s Singapore menu anymore, that’s because the burger with a local twist has sold out, according to the fast food chain.

Not to worry though, you can always bet McDonald’s has something up their sleeves – Available starting today at all McD restaurants, say hi to the new Eggcellent McSpicy!

The familiar all-time iconic favourite McSpicy burger that’s been around in Singapore exclusively since 1999 now contains an additional fresh golden egg within.

Accompanying the new McSpicy upgrade are the Dinosaur McFlurry, Vanilla Cone and the Criss Cut Fries.

Source: GreatDeals

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