Starbucks 1-for-1 treat on Pop’zel Coffee or Coconut Strawberry Bliss Frappuccino returns again this week

Get ready to grab a 1-for-1 treat at your favourite coffeehouse Starbucks all over again this week.

From 24 – 26 April, Monday to Wednesday this week, the 1-for-1 offer on Pop’zel Coffee Frappuccino and Coconut Strawberry Bliss Frappuccino is back! This time, however, requires you to purchase the Venti-sized and will only be available from 3pm to 7pm during the promotional period.

Still a good treat if you can make it for your tea break or pre/post dinner beverage with a friend or loved ones. Available while the Frappuccinos last.

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Source: GreatDeals

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