Subway $5.90 Everyday Value Fresh Meals returns with four subs to choose from

Queues in Subway are nothing unusual, especially when value meals are still present. The sandwich franchise has just brought back their $5.90 Everyday Value Fresh Meals in a bid to attract more customers.

The $5.90 meals are available starting today 11 January with four sandwich options to choose from – Spicy Italian, BLT, Veggie Delite and the new BBQ Chicken Strips. Apart from the sub, the value meal consists of an additional 16oz drink and cookie. Without the offer, the same meals usually cost between $8.30 to almost $10.

The offer is not available for footlong subs and valid for in-store and takeaway purchases. According to Subway, the value meals will be sticking around for a while until further notice.

Source: GreatDeals

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