For Non World Cup 2014 Fans, This Comic Strip Says Everything About The Internet Now

Drowning in the internet pool of football news everyday, more to come till end of July guaranteed

By GDS Editorial Team on June 13, 2014 at 12:00 pm


If you couldn’t care less about the World Cup 2014 fever which just kick off in the wee hours at 4am, here’s a rather comical depiction by The Oatmeal of what happens when you go online this morning. News about Brazil win against Croatia, news about the riots and protests on Brazil’s overspending on the World Cup campaign. It’s everywhere and there’s no stopping news and media websites, including us, to report them. Google now feels like a World Cup search engine.

[[perfectpullquote]]What does cup noodles, Samurai and football juggling have in common?[/[perfectpullquote]]

Offline in the real world, McDonald’s will greet you with their World Cup menu and for totally unrelated reasons, Nissin Cup Noodles came up with this Samurai in Brazil commercial. What does cup noodles, Samurai and football juggling have in common? Nothing… absolutely nothing.

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